Creating a release

Documentation for project maintainer

  • Prepare a GitHub release-draft x.x
  • Change version constants in src/Constants.php
  • Adjust the file with version specific information
  • Adjust the versions in
  • Create
  • Edit the release-draft and add the “Full changelog” link + everything new from
  • Push a release branch called release-x.x and merge it as last PR into master
  • Publish the release
  • Create the release ZIP for FTP users:
    • bin/console kimai:create-release --release=1.14.3
    • Edit the GitHub release and upload the created ZIP
  • Adjust Kimai website:
  • Post a new issue at YunoHost tracker for Kimai
  • Post a new issue at Docker for Kimai
  • Reinstall the stable-demo and change tag version in