How to pay your Kimai Cloud subscription - payment methods, billing period, trial period and more

You can use the test phase and the free plan without adding any payment method. However, you must do so before applying for a paid plan.

SEPA Direct Debit

Customers with a European bank account can issue a SEPA direct debit mandate.

Credit cards

Supported card providers include Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, Diners and more.


As the price depends on the plan and the number of registered users, the Kimai-Cloud is billed in hindsight: invoices are issued at the end of each billing period.

If you cancel your contract, you will receive a final invoice after the cancellation period.

Billing period

Billing takes place on a monthly basis, the billing day corresponds to the day the plan is booked. As an example: booking the premium plan on 26.12. means that subsequent invoices will be issued on the 26th of each month.

If you need to be billed for full calendar months, please book your tariff either on the next first of the month.

Trial period

If you need an extended trial period and/or additional trial users, please contact support.

EU Reverse-Charge and taxes

Kimai Cloud, as a SaaS operation, falls under “Electronically Provided Services / Data Processing” whereby the Receiver location Principle applies.

  • The tax rules of Austria apply.
  • A valid VAT ID is required to issue an EU reverse-charge invoice.
  • The tax-number you enter will appear on your invoice in any case.

The Kimai Cloud is explicitly aimed at B2B customers.

  • Business customers from the EU with Vat ID will receive reverse-charge invoices.
  • All other customers from the EU without Vat ID will receive invoices with VAT of their home country within the OSS (One-Stop Shop) program.

How payment data is stored

I work with the payment service provider “Stripe”, which manages your payment data securely. Your credit card details (card number and CVC/check digits) or the data of your bank account are never sent to the Kimai server.

I do not store your payment data!

There is anonymous access from “Stripe” to the following data for information purposes: the card issuer or bank, the expiration date, the last 4 digits of the card or bank details and the issuing country.

User licenses

Usually each registered user of a Kimai Cloud is charged, but I believe in fairness:

  • Active users use one license
  • Deactivated users do not use a license, instead their license will be free again for re-use by another member

User based billing

This only applies to old metered plans Plus and Premium, which are not available for new customers any longer.

Usually each registered user of a Kimai Cloud is charged, but I believe in fairness and have therefore decided to introduce the following regulation in mid-2021:

  • Active users will be charged
  • Deactivated users will be charged if they have any activity less than one month ago, e.g.:
    • the user was registered within the last month
    • the user has logged in within the last month
    • the user has a time booking within the last month (or later)