Migration to the cloud

Migrating your Kimai on-premise installation to the cloud is easy and fast

The Kimai cloud is open for all previous self-hosting customers. I can help to migrate your current installation to a paid cloud. Migration is supported from the following systems:

  • Kimai 1
  • Kimai 2 (MySQL / MariaDB)
  • Kimai 2 (SQLite)

Please note that I do not offer migration into a free account.


Normal migrations needs approx. 1 hour, but there might be circumstances that lead to an increased migration time:

  • Kimai 2 SQLite database: if you deleted data, I might need to solve issues one by one manually
  • Kimai 1 installation: check that it is at latest patch level, otherwise it will be upgraded during migration
  • Kimai 1 installation: make sure that all of your users have a valid email address

Migration is free, if you are bringing more than 10 users, otherwise it is 150€ per hour (without tax).

What you need to provide

In case of a Kimai 1 migration, you need to provide: country, currency, language, timezone and a migration password (all existing user passwords will be reset to this passphrase).

In case of a Kimai 2 SQLite migration: the SQLite file (eg. var/data/kimai.sqlite).

In case of a MySQL/MariaDB migration: the database as dump via mysqldump or created with a tool like phpMyAdmin.