Activities in Kimai are defining the current task you are working on.

Global activities vs project activities

Activities can be assigned to a project, which means you can only choose them if the linked project was chosen before. But activities can also be global, meaning they are not linked to a project and can be re-used with EVERY project and customer.

Examples for global activities are things like:

  • meetings
  • phone calls
  • administrative tasks

So tasks which repeat in each of your projects.

Activity colors

Each activity can be assigned its own color, for easier identification in the timesheets.

If no color is applied, the project color will be used.

See customer documentation for the default color.

Time budget

Added with v 1.0

The Time budget field supports entering data in the following formats:

Format Description Examples
{hours}:{minutes}[:{seconds}] Seconds are optional, overflow is supported for every field 2:27 = 2 Hours, 27 Minutes / 3:143:13 = 5 Hours, 23 Minutes, 13 Seconds
{hours}h{minutes}m{seconds}s Each section is optional, overflow is supported for every field 2h = 2 Hours / 147m = 2 Hours, 27 Minutes / 3h14m13s = 3 Hours, 14 Minutes, 13 Seconds
{seconds}   3600 = 1 Hour / 8820 = 2 Hours, 27 Minutes

Time budgets are not used for hard limitations, but rather for the base of reporting calculations.