As paying cloud customer you receive full backups of your data

The system creates backups of the entire database for each paying customer. These backups are available as ZIP archives, you will receive an email after they are generated, and you should download them immediately.

Archive duration

Backups are kept for 60 days before they are removed from our servers.

You are responsible for downloading them as soon as possible.

Why backups?

Wondering why backups are mentioned when you already use a cloud? Great question! Your data is secure, replicated in multiple locations, and processes are in place to ensure it is always protected and available.

It is much more than that: these backups could be used to setup your own Kimai by using them with the on-premise version. The hosted service is the best Kimai experience you can get ā€“ and I am confident that there is no reason to use this option. But I believe in freedom of choice, respect your data and fight against vendor lock-ins, so Iā€™m offering you this option for your peace of mind.


There are no additional costs involved, backups are included in your paid plan.