Invoice templates

As paying customer you can upload your own invoice template for Kimai

As a paying customer, you can use your own custom invoice templates to render them in your corporate design.

Kimai supports multiple invoice formats, the most important ones being DOCX (Word), XSLX (Excel), ODS (eg. Open Office) and PDF. There are more formats supported, please read the full documentation for all the details.

Uploading templates

The self-management screen at Invoice > Templates > Documents/Upload allows you to upload files in the formats DOCX, ODS, XLSX.

Twig templates

If you want to use Twig templates for HTML or PDF format, you have to contact the support. Due to security measurements, all Twig templates need to be verified by the development team prior to upload. Please ZIP and mail them to our support email at

Further documentation

Please read the invoice documentation to find out how to create your own invoice template.


There are no additional costs involved, they are included in your paid plan.