Create and manage your working times and export them to Excel, PDF or HTML


Create invoices for your customers in several formats (PDF, DOCX, ODT)


Get an insight with several statistics about your time-tracking records and more

Free time-tracking for everyone

Kimai is an open-source time tracking solution. It tracks work time and prints out a summary of your activities on demand. Yearly, monthly, daily, by customer, by project … Its simplicity is its strength. Due to Kimai’s browser based interface it runs cross-platform, even on your mobile device.

With Kimai, the boring process of feeding Excel spreadsheets with your working hours is not only simplified, it also offers dozens of other exciting features that you don't even know you're missing so far!

Feature list

Mobile ready The layout is fully responsive, made for desktop and mobile usage. Every user can configure the data columns that should be shown, e.g. to prevent horizontal scrolling on small devices.
Plugins Kimai was built to be extendable, and features can be added with plugins. Developers wanting to create them can use many extension points.
Multi user Kimai can be used by as many users as you want: each installation supports unlimited users with different roles (see permissions).
Multi language Kimai can be localized to any language and is already translated to more than 30 languages.
Teams Teams can be created to group your users into logical groups like departments or project related peer-groups. Customers and projects can be assigned to those teams, which will limit visibility and access for other users.
Customers Manage your customers and set address, contacts, country, currency, visibility (for archiving) and many more fields.
Projects Manage projects for each customer with order number, budget and visibility (for archiving).
Activities Activities are used to assign the unit of work to timesheet entries. Manage activities for each project with order number, budget and visibility (for archiving). Activities can be global, no more duplication necessary if multiple projects share the same working unit.
Invoicing Different invoice templates, options for entry grouping, configurable invoice numbers, and you can add your own templates in PDF, DOCX, HTML, XLSX, and ODS file format.
Export data Timesheet data can be exported to other programs, or shared with different departments in XLSX (Excel), PDF, CSV and HTML format. Exported records can additionally be locked and protected against further changes.
Expenses Buy the plugin and keep track of expenses based on customer, project and activity — for categorization and inclusion in your invoices.
SAML Log in and register users via SAML (single sign-on aka SSO) and re-use your existing identity provider, like Google Workspace, Authentik or Azure Active Directory.
JSON API Featuring a JSON API so external apps can communicate with your favorite time-tracker!
Two-factor auth (2FA) Kimai supports two-factor authentication with TOTP tokens: secure your user accounts today!
LDAP Connect Kimai with your company directory server (LDAP or Active directory) and use your existing authentication infrastructure.
Statistics Your dashboard will show you several statistics about recorded times and the amount of collected data. And we can always add more charts!
Docker We have Docker images for development and there multiple variations of Docker-Compose setups for production usage.
Migration Data from Kimai v1 can be imported, for a seamless migration of your time-tracker.
Amount of active records Record as many times as you want in parallel, or limit it to one.
AM/PM format Kimai uses localized version of the 24 hour format. But if you are used to the AM/PM format, you can configure that.
Time-clock Don’t want your users to log arbitrary timesheet records? Switch to the time-clock mode, which only allows “punch in” and “punch out” records. No more manually given start and end times.
Duration only If your local laws require you to only show durations instead of start and end date-time, you can activate that mode globally.
Rate calculation Rates can be calculated based on hourly and fixed amounts, configurable for customers, projects, activities and each timesheet record individually.
Timesheet filter You can filter all time-records by user, customer, project, activity and date.
Archiving Long-term users know old data can pile up in your dropdowns — hide them by limiting the visibility of customers, projects and activities.
Permissions Customizable permission structure. Assign different roles to your user, e.g. users can record times, teamleads can print invoices and configure project/activities, admins can configure users and customers.
User profile Personal statistics and per user settings for hourly rate, Kimai theme, password and avatar.
Theming Kimai comes with different color themes and display settings, to suit each individual user
User registration Kimai supports user self-registration with e-mail activation.
Password reset Forgot your password? Kimai helps you reset it via e-mail.
Up-to-date Based on newest web technologies and frameworks: PHP, Symfony, Doctrine, Flex, Bootstrap, Webpack and many more…