Keyboard shortcuts Feature added with v 1.24.1

Kimai supports a couple of keyboard shortcuts, which can be used on most pages.

The keyboard shortcuts can be invoked by the platform specific “trigger key combination” and the app specific access key.

  • For Windows users, use Alt + shift + [access key]
  • For Mac users, use control + option + [access key]

The global access keys in Kimai are:

  • s - for stop: stops the currently running timesheet (works on every page)
  • n - for new: opens the “create timesheet” form (works on every page)
  • a - for add: opens the add dialog (if available on that page, e.g. customer listing)
  • q - for query: opens the search dialog (if available on that page, e.g. project listing)
  • h - for help: opens the documentation link (if available on that page, e.g. users listing)

The access keys work in lowercase and uppercase.