Keyboard shortcuts

How to use Kimai with your keyboard

Kimai supports a couple of keyboard shortcuts, which can be used on most pages.

The keyboard shortcuts can be invoked by the platform specific “trigger key combination” and the app specific access key.

  • For Windows users, use Alt + [access key] or Alt + shift + [access key] (Firefox)
  • For Mac users, use control + option + [access key]
  • For Linux users, use Alt + [access key] (Chrome) or Alt + shift + [access key] (Firefox)

The global access keys in Kimai are:

  • s - for stop: stops the currently running timesheet (works on every page)
  • n - for new: opens the “create timesheet” form (works on every page)
  • a - for add: opens the add dialog (if available on that page, e.g. customer listing)
  • h - for help: opens the documentation link (if available on that page, e.g. users listing)

The access keys work in lowercase and uppercase.

Special case: form submit

There is one special case: submitting the modal form with CTRL + Enter.

Not working?

Unfortunately shortcuts have a somewhat bad support from browser vendors. The trigger key changes between browser and operating system. Please read this page for more information and the entire table of possible browsers and their supported shortcuts at the Mozilla documentation.