1-click installations

Kimai can be hosted on various systems and many hosting companies support 1-click installations for Kimai directly.

The following platforms adopted Kimai to be compatible with their one-click installation systems.


Install kimai2 with YunoHost

Kimai package for YunoHost.


Install Kimai with Softaculous


Cloudron provides a secure and ready to use Kimai package, which will be kept up-to-date automatically.

Install Kimai with Cloudron

Vesta Control Panel

Be aware that VestaCP uses the admin user instead of www-data. Replace the names in the permission commands above. Read this issue if you have further questions.

ISPConfig 3

There is an installation doc (unfortunately only in German) available at www.howtoforge.de.


CloudJiffy provides a scalable, hourly billed and easy to use PaaS platform and the setup of Kimai is only a click of a button away. Kimai is always deployed from the latest Github branch, thus you can rest easy that your software will always be up-to-date.


Elestio users get hassle-free, fully managed Kimai instances in 112 regions across 28 countries with Elestio. Elestio covers everything from deployment to security, monitoring, and expert support in the few clicks. You get full root SSH access to Kimai instance, advanced customizations, and a web dashboard for stack and env var changes. By clicking the button below you get to choose your preferred cloud provider, Kimai version, region, VM specifications and much more. You don’t have to worry about updates as Elestio auto updates Kimai instance weekly which can be configured or disabled from the dashboard easily.

Deploy Kimai now