Rest API

Read the Swagger documentation of the Kimai 2 API in your Kimai installation at /api/doc. As example you can have a look at the API docs for the demo installation at You need to login to see them, credentials can be found here.

Or you can export the JSON collection by visiting /api/doc.json. Save the result in a file, which can be imported with Postman.


When calling the API you have to submit two additional header with every call for authentication:

  • X-AUTH-USER - holds the username or email
  • X-AUTH-TOKEN - holds the users API password, which he can set in his profile

Calling the API with Javascript

If you develop your own extension and need to use the API for logged-in user, then you have to set the header X-AUTH-SESSION which will allow Kimai to use the current user session and not look for the default token based API authentication.