Cycle through API result data

To enhance API performance, several collection endpoints support pagination. To use this feature you have to add a page and a size parameter to the URL’s query string.

For example, the following url:

This will return the second page of ten timesheets. If the size parameter is not provided, the API will return 50 records per page by default, unless otherwise specified.

Information on whether a given endpoint supports pagination parameters can be found in the parameter list within the swagger documentation of your API endpoints.

Paginated responses

If the endpoint supports pagination, some metadata about the paginated collection will be returned in the response header.

X-Page: 3
X-Total-Count: 1142
X-Total-Pages: 23
X-Per-Page: 50

Here’s a summary of the meaning of each of these headers:

Header Description Example
X-Page Description 3
X-Total-Count Description 1142
X-Total-Pages Description 23
X-Per-Page Description 50