On-Premise 31 Dec 2022

Next major release

Wooohooo 😀 I am super excited to share this update, as I was working on it for more than one year now!!! 🎉

On-Premise 06 Dec 2021

Sunsetting PHP 7

Okay everyone, this is reminder that you need to monitor the PHP lifetime support on a regular basis.

On-Premise 31 May 2021

PHP 8 Support added, PHP 7.2 dropped

After working on PHP 8 Support for a couple of months, which was more complicated than expected because of all the dependencies, it is now done and available in development version.

On-Premise 12 Sep 2019

Release 1.3 - Searching

Being agile means releasing early and often to get quick feedback. So this time I took only two weeks for a new release, as a major change was introduced which I want to get out to you before investing more time to polish it even further (the new...

On-Premise 29 Aug 2019

Release 1.2 - Teams

One release a month, so far working out… the update on my personal Kimai installation took me about 60 seconds, so I hope nobody is stressed by decreasing the time between releases.

On-Premise 29 Apr 2019

Release 0.9 - API, Plugins & DB Configs

Two month are longer than expected for this release, but a lot changed in the background. These will be announced in a couple of weeks, and until then: update to 0.9, enjoy time-tracking and let me know what you think about this version.

On-Premise 19 Feb 2019

Release 0.8 - Export, Timezones & UI

This release includes database changes and one major change, which makes the upgrade process slightly more complicated, as you have to execute one more step after the normal update procedure.

On-Premise 28 Jan 2019

Release 0.7 - Permissions

Sorry for the long period of silence! The release of this version took a longer then expected, as I moved to a new city and had troubles getting my provider to setup the internet connection.

On-Premise 10 Feb 2018

A new website for Kimai

When I started to work on the next major release Kimai v2 a couple of weeks ago, I had the urge to start that new era with a fresh website for Kimai. And one major point was the presentation of Kimai on its public page - I also want to show every...

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