Release 1.6.2 - Important bugfixes

02 Dec 2019
Kevin Papst

A second bugfix was released for the 1.6 series, including some new invoice features as well.

These changes are included:

  • Added danish translations - thanks @Badgie
  • Fixes #1281 - fix installation for older databases
  • Fixes #1280 - hide multi update checkboxes for disallowed records
  • Fixes #1286 - API: Adds team information to user, add user and teamlead information to team
  • Fixes #1161 - dashboard counter for user/customer/project/activity (only show visible, respect team permissions)
  • Fixes #1295 - Fix restart action with rule “do not allow future times”
  • Changed default begin for CSV timesheet importer to prevent summer/winter time bugs
  • Improve teamlead permission handling in team timesheets
  • Keep basic order of user preferences


  • Fixes #1237 - New template variables for the current logged-in user
  • Fixes #1288 - New template variables for unformatted money values
  • Fix: copy invoice templates forgets new fields
  • Change: decimal durations in default invoice template (added amount formatter)
  • New variables for current users data in invoices
  • Updated Docx template, use new template fields
  • Spreadsheets: support to replace multiple values in one cell
  • Spreadsheets: support to replace values in mixed content cells
  • Changed invoice menu icons
  • Improved permission handling for invoices (when accessed by a regular user)

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Thanks to all of you for using and supporting Kimai, especially:

  • all clients and donators who help me to keep up the work for Kimai
  • the developers who contributed their time …
  • and everyone else contributing at GitHub, too many to name you all - you guys rock!
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