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27 Aug 2023
Kevin Papst

MR Software shuts down, but we have an all-in-one replacement for all their controlling plugins!

MR Software closure

I have some sad news to share with you today: the software company MR Software closed down. They never released anything for Kimai 2.0 and they won’t in the future as well. That is the reason why none of their plugins can be purchased since months and it means that the following major plugins are no longer available:

  • Controlling
  • Vacation
  • Sickday
  • HasWorked
  • Period insert

On top of that, they also offered:

  • HasWorked (notify users if they haven’t entered times)
  • Period insert
  • RecordBook for apprentices

I don’t know yet what happens to their iOs and Android apps … I hope that they are not discontinued as well. But if, there is Kimai mobile for iOS and Android as replacement.

What does this mean for you?

If you are looking for one of the plugins above, you will not be able to purchase them anymore. And if you are using them, you will not receive an upgrade for Kimai 2.0, which means that you are stuck with Kimai 1 for now. So the decision for you to upgrade is more complicated than necessary.

The good news is: I have a solution for you!

Solution: the plugin that takes care of all your needs

I have been working on a new plugin for a while now, which is called Working hours, vacation, illness (controlling).

This plugin offers most of the features from the combination of their Controlling & Vacation & Sickday plugins. And of top of that is much cheaper than the combination of all three plugins.

Previously you had to purchase:

  • Sickday: 149 €
  • Vacation: 199 €
  • Controlling: 189 €
  • Custom Fields: 79 €

Which totals to 616 €. In comparison, the price of the new plugin is only 299 €, which means a drop in costs of > 50% 🚀 It is perfectly integrated with Kimai and offers a lot of exciting features. There is a free demo available and a long list of planned features.

This first version of the plugin concentrated on the most important features, following the 80-20 rule, the features that most of you need are already there. And I will continue to add more features in the future, that is a promise and described in detail on the shop page!

If you are a user of the MR plugins, I would be happy if you could give the new plugin a try and let me know what you think about it.

Promo Code

As a bonus I have a promo code for you 🦄

The code MRIGRATE10 gives you 10% off the price (it is valid until 2023-12-31)

What’s next?

Please check out the store page, I have listed all the upcoming features there!

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