Release 1.3 - Searching

12 Sep 2019
Kevin Papst

Being agile means releasing early and often to get quick feedback. So this time I took only two weeks for a new release, as a major change was introduced which I want to get out to you before investing more time to polish it even further (the new search form).

This release is mainly about:

  • the new introduced search / filter options for timesheets, customers
  • sortable table columns
  • improved tag management

Thanks to all of you, especially:

  • all clients and donators, you guys rock and help me to keep up the work for Kimai!!!
  • the developers who contributed their time and the plugins to the community
  • everyone else contributing at GitHub, too many to name you all …

The next version will include:

  • Czech translations (which didn’t make it into 1.3)
  • Improvements for custom fields
  • … more to come …

I hope you all know how to upgrade… if not click here. And now enjoy the latest features!

Full Changelog

Implemented enhancements:

Fixed bugs:

  • swagger file type text #1094
  • Tags search fails when there are numerous tags which start with a specific identifier #1082
  • Content of ${entry.description} not from table timesheet.description #1076
  • Wrong ${} for fixed rate items if more than one #1073
  • Post release 1.2 #1068 (kevinpapst)

Closed issues:

  • When create invoice, Description field is not description but is Activity #1093
  • Critical error after upgrading from 1.1 to 1.2 #1071

Merged pull requests:

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