Release 0.7 - Permissions

28 Jan 2019
Kevin Papst

Sorry for the long period of silence! The release of this version took a longer then expected, as I moved to a new city and had troubles getting my provider to setup the internet connection.

Full Changelog

The release main topic was “permissions”. Most notable changes:

  • Configurable permission system
  • Limit the amount of active time records per user
  • Export team timesheets
  • A lot of form and UI improvements (e.g. entry order and icons)
  • Load filtered data via toolbar without page reload

Upgrade from 0.6:

Don’t forget to execute the database migrations! Read more about upgrading Kimai in UPGRADING.

Implemented enhancements:

  • Editing from calendar view will return to my times table instead of calendar #515
  • Timesheet Export for Admins #503
  • Customer List Not Alphabetic #499
  • sorting of ${entry.X} values #487
  • ${entry.description} needed in Word-Docx #485
  • Automatic sort for activities, customers, etc. #477
  • User title in the timesheet invoice #461
  • global variables for reports/invoices #438
  • Configuration option: Only one active record for each user #427
  • User creating activity and projects #393
  • Configuration option to disable fixed rate and hourly rate from “edit timesheet” #330
  • Set other users hourly rate #303
  • Feature request - Make “Rate” hideable #217
  • fixed null project for advanced invoice calculator #462 (kevinpapst)

Fixed bugs:

  • This value should be greater than or equal to zero #511
  • Timesheet Export for Admins #503
  • admin activity: visibility “none” (no filter) causes sql-error #491
  • login-screen optimizations #483
  • Configuration of roles to add/edit customers, projects, activities… #479
  • Line breaks for address and payment information fields #464
  • Possible to use a decimal in hourly rate field? #458
  • Invoice Number Generator possibly not compatible #454
  • users can change their role to system-admin #440
  • fix wrong include filename in user registration #520 (kevinpapst)
  • fix segmentation fault - rollback composer dependencies #463 (kevinpapst)
  • fixed null project for advanced invoice calculator #462 (kevinpapst)
  • fix the restart timesheet button #436 (kevinpapst)

Closed issues:

  • Redirecting when using Kimai on a subdirectory + reverse proxy #492
  • Installation (Cannot declare…. in use) #455
  • New Number Generator not recognized #453
  • de/help/invoices returns 404 error #452
  • Can you Add Brazilian Portuguese Translation? I can help it.. #444
  • replace all selects with smart-selects and live-search #441
  • use parsedown-extra for rendering markdown #388
  • Think about a cooler name #133

Merged pull requests:

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