Release 1.4 - New team widgets

04 Oct 2019
Kevin Papst

This release contains various bugfixes and some new features:

  • improving the new search form (new JS library used) and fixing the “always closing bug”
  • new auto-generated user avatars (used in user-list and new widgets, more to come)
  • new dashboard widgets for “my teams” and “projects & budgets of my teams”
  • czech translations
  • show custom fields in data-tables

In the meantime two new addons were added to the Marketplace:

Thanks to all of you for using and supporting Kimai, especially:

  • all clients and donators, you guys rock and help me to keep up the work for Kimai
  • the developers who contributed their time and the plugins to the community
  • everyone else contributing at GitHub, too many to name you all …

I hope you all know how to upgrade… if not click here.

Full Changelog

Implemented enhancements:

  • User view to list the teams names where the user is assigned as a user and as a team lead #1146
  • custom fields - User Specific instructions or help fields for end user entry guidance #1133
  • Provide full usage of CustomMetaFields #1103
  • Profile image #1078
  • Composer update #1104 (kevinpapst)
  • added czech translations #1075 (kevinpapst)

Fixed bugs:

  • upgrade difficulties #1153
  • Forgetting duration on timesheet entry gives error 500 and save remains greyed out #1147
  • Invoice - Print and preview results are not the same when no users are selected #1114
  • Prevent search from getting closed on each selection #1112
  • Using the variable ${entry.duration_decimal} and ${invoice.duration_decimal} should always have 2 decimals #1080
  • fix migrations for older database versions #1148 (kevinpapst)
  • Post 1.3 #1106 (kevinpapst)

Closed issues:

  • Upgrading failes during cache:clear #1152
  • Branding on FTP installation #1140
  • Kimai2 user issue #1139
  • Invoice view missing the eye option - the one used for excluding columns in the preview report #1131
  • Sorting Activity to a Customer #1126
  • Question - How are active users identified in the dashboard view #1125
  • Installation doesn’t work #1122
  • Error 500 On Fresh Install Of 1.3 #1117
  • Team timesheet? #1109
  • Plugin won’t register #1108
  • Error Installation brand new Debian10, Apache2, PHP7.3 #1095

Merged pull requests:

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