Release 1.2 - Teams

29 Aug 2019
Kevin Papst

One release a month, so far working out… the update on my personal Kimai installation took me about 60 seconds, so I hope nobody is stressed by decreasing the time between releases.

In the meantime a couple of new addons were added to the Marketplace:

Thanks to all of you, especially:

  • all clients and donators, you guys rock and help me to keep up the work for Kimai!!!
  • the developers who contributed their time and the plugins to the community
  • the guys at Cloudron, which now support Kimai 2
  • everyone else contributing at GitHub, too many to name you all …

This release is mainly about the new introduced team permissions. Also about invoice refactoring and an improved export dialog.
Oh and did you know, Kimai is now translated to Korean?! Still waiting for a contribution from the community in India.

I hope you all know how to upgrade… if not click here. And now enjoy the latest features 😄

Full Changelog

Implemented enhancements:

  • wants to Edit Weekend Day and Another role in my user #1048
  • Hide inactive users #1047
  • Format ${query.month} as a number #1025
  • Change/Set Currency Globally for Customers, Users, etc. #1017
  • auto copy current values if autocopy flag is set for fields created though metafields #1015
  • API [POST] User #977
  • Minor: Currency upon NewProject #972
  • Minor: Currency upon NewProject #972
  • Better visualization of active time-recordings and start-stop #961
  • Template variable with decimal time entry (with “dirty” self-made solutions) #955
  • Configurable default date-range for initial filter in export, invoice and team-timesheets #887
  • Exporting - Minutes output or a Summery of hours when filtering #882
  • added API functions to save meta fields #1063 (kevinpapst)
  • improve invoice handling for different rates #1058 (kevinpapst)
  • support creating new roles #1050 (kevinpapst)
  • refactored invoice and export forms #1046 (kevinpapst)
  • added manual links to all screens #1044 (kevinpapst)
  • added css class to target running records in timesheet tables #1042 (kevinpapst)
  • added korean messages #1039 (kevinpapst)
  • added decimal format for invoice duration #1037 (kevinpapst)
  • added invoice variable for numeric month #1033 (kevinpapst)
  • Copy meta fields #1030 (kevinpapst)
  • upgraded to latest FosUserBundle and Symfony 4.3 #1005 (kevinpapst)
  • Fix various minor English grammar translations #1002 (trentks)
  • Team permissions #996 (kevinpapst)
  • Fix english translation for ‘info’ #995 (trentks)
  • added commands to further break down version infos #994 (kevinpapst)
  • user roles selects #993 (kevinpapst)
  • added calendar slot_duration config #989 (kevinpapst)
  • optimize composer and commands #986 (kevinpapst)
  • Optimize DE Translation sigular “Schlagwort(e)” #950 (cdahinten)
  • testing with mysql #924 (kevinpapst)

Fixed bugs:

  • whole team vanishes if single user is deleted #1052
  • Failing redirect #1049
  • edit team leads to empty modal #1040
  • Failed to create database schema : General error: 1709 Index column size too large. The maximum column size is 767 bytes. #1028
  • Wrong quantity / unit price for fixed rate entries during invoice generation #1008
  • Import failes during activities #999
  • Dashboard incorrect timezone (histogram only) #987
  • ${invoice.total_time} sums up time and fixed rate entities #959
  • fix empty user language #1054 (kevinpapst)
  • do not delete team if linked entity is deleted #1053 (kevinpapst)
  • fix team opens in modal #1041 (kevinpapst)
  • reduce field size to 150 chars to not break MySQL index length #1031 (kevinpapst)
  • Fix activity import Kimai v1 #1001 (kevinpapst)
  • respect users timezone when populating working-time dashboard widget #988 (kevinpapst)
  • fix migration for sqlite users #985 (kevinpapst)

Closed issues:

  • Failed to get Password Recovery mail #1060
  • team user permission #1045
  • installation problem #1022
  • Unable to install version 1.1 #1020
  • Database Settings #1019
  • Filter by tags not working by via the REST API #1016
  • Add default API passwords in the demo installation to the documentation #1007
  • How to add a logo to the login screen? #990
  • Feature Suggestion: Document How To record login/logoff events #911

Merged pull requests:

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