Audit trail logs

Records detailed change/audit logs for timesheets, customers, projects and activities and displays them in a per-item timeline.
39 €

Custom content New

Create custom content for stylesheets, Javascript, a global warning-message and a new page to render markdown content for company news.
9 €

Custom fields

Create free-configurable additional fields for timesheets, customers, projects, activities and users in various formats. Fields can be optional or mandatory and restricted by permissions.
49 €

Expense management

Keep track of your expenses based on customer and project. These expenses can be categorized and included in your invoices.
49 €

Kiosk mode with Barcode and RFID support

Attendance time-tracking in an environment, where the user has no access to Kimai (e.g. in a warehouse), by using a barcode or RFID scanner to start and stop timesheets.
199 €

Task planning

Create tasks, start/stop/pause them, assign them to users and teams and record times for them — manage to-do lists with Kimai
49 €

Translations New

Change all visible elements (form labels, table header, menu items …) in your Kimai installation with your own translations
29 €

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