Release 1.0 - Tags, Colors, UX, Budgets, LDAP, Custom fields and so much more

This release is filled with exciting new features, that’s why it took longer than anticipated....

Kevin 02 Jul 2019

How to use Kimai 2 as native app

Thanks to the Kimai user Roman, who wrote me about that topic, I can share a nice inspiration ...

Kevin 11 Jun 2019

Release 0.9 - API, Plugins & DB Configs

Two month are longer than expected for this release, but a lot changed in the background. Thes...

Kevin 28 Apr 2019

Release 0.8.1 - just a bugfix release

This is a bugfix release for 0.8. Remember to execute the necessary timezone conversion script...

Kevin 22 Feb 2019

Release 0.8 - Export, Timezones & UI

This release includes database changes and one major change, which makes the upgrade process s...

Kevin 19 Feb 2019

Website now focusing on Kimai v2

I have spent the last days changing the website again, to include all available information an...

Kevin 17 Feb 2019

Release 0.7 - Permissions

Sorry for the long period of silence! The release of this version took a longer then expected,...

Kevin 28 Jan 2019

Release 0.6 - Global activities

Version 0.6 was released, the main topic was “global activities” … but many more improvements ...

Kevin 18 Nov 2018

Announcement - Kimai v2

Welcome to a long overdue blog posting with a major announcement!

Kevin 23 Jun 2018

A new website for Kimai

When I started to work on the next major release Kimai v2 a couple of weeks ago, I had the urg...

Kevin 10 Feb 2018

Deactivated Kimai Forum

With the current day I deactivated the Kimai Forum, as announced month ago on the forum itself...

Kevin 31 Jul 2016

Version 0.9.3 Release Candidate

A last test release before we can finally publish Kimai 0.9.3 :-)

Kevin 30 Apr 2014

External Kimai Apps

Just to let our reader (via RSS feed) know, I created a page for exter...

Kevin 30 Apr 2014

Website hosting changed

Hi folks, its been a long time since my last posting. Today I wanted to let you know, that we ...

Kevin 28 Apr 2014

Test Kimai v0.9.3-beta.1

Okay, finally we achieved something that we self did not expect any more ;-) a working Beta is...

Kevin 03 Aug 2013

Kimai 0.9.2 beta - the 2nd

Hi Time-Tracker!

Kevin 25 Feb 2011

Kimai 0.9.2 beta

And here comes the birthday present ;) Time to test again - the next beta version is here.

Kevin 05 Jan 2011

Happy Birthday Kimai

Oh what a shame, we all forgot our own birthday… Okay, I have to admit I didn’t knew the date ...

Kevin 05 Jan 2011

Kimai 0.9.1 is released

We are pleased to announce the release of Kimai 0.9.1.

Kevin 01 Aug 2010

Beta 2 for Kimai 0.9.1

Another news from Kimai with an Beta announcement for 0.9.1 beta 2.

Kevin 19 Jun 2010

New Beta version 0.9.1 available

We are proud to announce a preview of the the next Kimai version 0.9.1. This is a beta release...

Kevin 26 Mar 2010

Kimai 0.9 released

Here is the latest release version of Kimai with a big bag of wonderful new features and bug f...

Kevin 19 Nov 2009

Release candidate Kimai v0.9

We are pleased to announce a release candidate for the next Kimai version.

Kevin 05 Nov 2009

v0.8.1.884 released

Kimai released on Sourceforge today.

Torsten 23 Aug 2009

A very promising extension package...

… was developed by Severin Leonhardt and can be found in this forum thread:

Torsten 22 Aug 2009

The condemned live longer...

Just a quick note: Kevin Papst takes over stewardship o...

Torsten 20 Jul 2009

Bye bye folks ...

Like some users might already have noticed - there is not much going on around Kimai lately. B...

Torsten 19 Jun 2009

Update for Kimai 0.7.121

I just found out that I forgot to add the code to disable “regular user” to add new Customers/...

Beny 07 Mar 2009

Kimai 0.7.12

Download: Kimai v0.7.121

Beny 08 Feb 2009 For Testers (PDO-Only)

v is ready for download.

Torsten 07 Feb 2009

Pre-Release For Testers

v0.8.0.805 is ready for download.

Torsten 04 Jan 2009

Schon wieder Geburtstag!

Vor 2 Jahren (und einem Monat ungefähr …) schrieb ich den Prototyp von Kimai an einem Wochenen...

Torsten 15 Dec 2008

PDO Problems in 0.8.0

Since release day I get flooded with mails and forum posts that report installing and update p...

Torsten 03 Sep 2008

0.8.0 out now ...

Yeah - after almost a year since the last release and a ton of work - here it finally is.

Torsten 31 Aug 2008


Today I switched over to 0.8 for my real worktime tracking… With little mixed feelings. I’m us...

Torsten 25 Aug 2008

Beta Testers Wanted For v0.8

We’re very busy developing the third generation of Kimai which will (hopefully) be released wi...

Torsten 27 Jul 2008

Wanted: Extension Developers

If you’d like to code an extension: You get the development-version via subversion repository ...

Torsten 26 Apr 2008

New PHP-Developer

Only four days after Tom’s exit we are very happy to announce that Oleg Britvin joints as new ...

Torsten 24 Apr 2008

Bye Tom!

Today Tom left the project on his own wish due to lack of time and because he is more and more...

Torsten 20 Apr 2008

New Website Online

The redesign of our website is finally online. It’s powered by ...

Torsten 20 Apr 2008

Kimai comes redesigned in 0.8

Just to give you a little apetizer… We’re preparing an entirely re-designed frontend.

Torsten 19 Feb 2008

New Logo

Kimai has a new logo. Hope you like it!

Torsten 01 Feb 2008

2 New Frontenders

We welcome two new developers on the team! Martin ‘mort’ Klemkow and Enrico Thies join the cor...

Torsten 23 Jan 2008

Long Time No See

Wow, what a pathetic headline…. A little late - but nonetheless a happy new year to you, folks...

jk 16 Jan 2008

Cheers! ;)

Happy 1 Year Kimai!

Torsten 14 Dec 2007


I’m thinking about deactivating the warning screen that appears every time an update is perfor...

Torsten 06 Dec 2007

Windows Integration

The .NET-Developer David Tielke is going to join the team by January 2008. He will develop a s...

Torsten 11 Nov 2007

Subversion and Bugtracker

As some of you may have noticed we have set up a public bugtracker lately. So please, if you h...

Torsten 29 Oct 2007

It could be called YASH (Yet Another Stats Hack) ...

…but Martin Klemkow named it “Simplestats”. This extension is really nice! We like it so much ...

Torsten 20 Oct 2007


Next Kimai release will require MySQL 5. So far Kimai worked with both, Version 4/5 of MySQL b...

Torsten 20 Oct 2007

Statistics Extension

The first extension is available for Kimai. Alexander Schroll today announced his ‘stats’ exte...

Torsten 24 Sep 2007

Password Encryption Bugfix > Release 0.7.11

User Andreas Bulling found out that Kimai doesn’t encrypt passwords set via the admin panel. I...

Torsten 15 Sep 2007

CSV Export

Urs Gerig wrote a little extension to Kimai to export his timesheets as CSV. Thanks for contri...

Torsten 27 Aug 2007

Version 0.7.10 released

This version corrects a bug that appears when your Kimai installment makes use of the database...

Torsten 25 Aug 2007

Update Problem...

I noticed today that users will face a little problem when updating from version 0.6.1 to 0.7....

Torsten 08 Aug 2007

0.7.9 Available For Download

For all users of 0.6.1 - PLEASE, backup your existing data before using the new version (an in...

Torsten 29 Jul 2007

First Look of Kimai 0.7.x

After countless hours of development work, Kimai is finally at a stage of development that all...

Torsten 22 Jun 2007

New Team Members

We welcome Torben Boe from HamBug as Quality Management Representative. I’m also very happy to...

Torsten 29 May 2007

Time tracking, time consuming

Today I decided to leave the Kimai team. Working on an open source project takes a lot of time...

Vasilis 29 Apr 2007

Join us!

Since Kimai is slowly moving closer to a genuine 1.0.0 release, the need for proper documentat...

Torsten 24 Apr 2007

Opera and Explorer

Kimai’s upcoming beta will now work perfectly with Opera. Its CSS and Javascript behavior are ...

Torsten 13 Apr 2007

jQuery rocks!

I confess, this is very technical. But I’m bound to say that implementing the jQuery lib was a...

Torsten 09 Apr 2007

jQuery goes Kimai

Last weekend I browsed through the depths of the web looking for an applicative Ajax framework...

Torsten 28 Mar 2007

2000+ downloads!

We would like to thank everybody who have downloaded and tried the beta versions of Kimai so f...

Torsten 20 Jan 2007

Time Views

We are working on some user interface changes. An important one that deserves to be mentioned ...

Torsten 19 Jan 2007

The backend of Kimai

At this moment we are radically rewriting the core of Kimai. This is a necessary step for furt...

Torsten 14 Jan 2007

The Kimai front-end plans

There are some major changes planned for the front-end part (HTML and JavaScript) of Kimai. Fi...

Torsten 14 Jan 2007

Kimai Blog

On the Kimai Blog we will keep you posted on everything Kimai. What are the plans, what is the...

Torsten 12 Dec 2006