Kevin Papst @kevinpapst
30 Aug 2022

The release 1.23 was published in August 2022.

You are lucky, despite announcing otherwise this release still supports PHP 7.3 and PHP 7.4. But be warned: it is only tested with 7.4 and developed with 8.1.


New feature highlights from the release 1.23.0 and 1.23.1 are:

  • Order “weekly hours” by project name
  • Fixed multiple budget validation checks

Thank you!

Thanks to all of you for using and supporting Kimai, especially:

  • everyone who contributes financially, allowing me to spend so much time with Kimai
  • the community for all their input, discussions, feature requests and bug notices
  • the developers contributing their knowledge and time
  • the translators at Weblate
  • the security researcher who privately disclose any issue

Thanks for being part of the Kimai community ❤️

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Full changelog

This changelist contains all changes between 1.20.4 and 1.21.

You can find all commits here.

Implemented enhancements

  • Order quick entries by project name (#3488)
  • Translations update from Hosted Weblate (#3482) (#3462)

Fixed bugs

  • Fix unit test failing on month borders (#3494)
  • Prevent invoice template update (#3493)
  • Fixed multiple budget validation checks (#3489)
  • Do not require user_preference permission when creating new user (#3474)
  • Bump version 1.23.1 (#3499)