Website now focusing on Kimai v2

17 Feb 2019
Kevin Papst

I have spent the last days changing the website again, to include all available information and documentation for Kimai v1 and Kimai v2.

After having the website dedicated to Kimai 2 for about a year now at a subdomain and the main website still showing the years old version dedicated to Kimai v1, it was finally time to show everyone that Kimai 2 is on a good track to be used in production - so the main content is now focused on Kimai v2.

Lets hope that the clean approach and responsiveness will lead to some more SEO love from Google. While cleaning up the content, I also moved the complete documentation from the Kimai v2 repository to this website. It is still shipped with the next release of Kimai, but will be removed from the GitHub repository in the near future.

As Kimai v1 is still used by many users, I incorporated almost the complete content from the old website. It will be featured from the main navigation for the next year or so, until hopefully > 80% of all users migrated to v2.

You might know, that I spent a lot of time using and contributing to open source software and I wanted to use a free theme for the new website. After a longer research I decided to use the great tabler theme and customized it to my own needs. Thankfully it is written for Jekyll (which is used to publish this website), so I could care more about the content instead of the code.

Say goodbye to the intermediate website design:

v2 website design Fullscreen

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