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Kimai Discount and Coupon Codes ✨

This page explains my discount policy, which was created to ensure the fairest pricing policy for all customers.

Non Profits

I do offer a discount to non-profit organisations who want to use the Kimai-Cloud.

There is no discount for plugins in self-hosted installations.


If you choose a paid plan with Kimai-Cloud, you will receive a 20-25% discount if you pay it annually instead of monthly.

Purchasing Power Parity

Many countries have a lower GDP than my home country Austria. To make it easier for these countries to utilize Kimai I give out PPP discounts. To find out if you are eligible for a discount, go to this Wikipedia page, and compare your countries GDP per capita with the below table.

GDP per capita Discount
< 2.000 90 %
< 5.000 80 %
< 10.000 70 %
< 15.000 60 %
< 20.000 50 %
< 25.000 40 %
< 30.000 30 %
< 35.000 20 %
< 40.000 10 %
< 45.000 5 %

If you contact me, don’t forget to add proof like your company registration.

Black friday

I never run seasonal promotions like Black Friday or Christmas deals.

All discount codes found on discount code websites are fake and will not work.

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