Release 1.14 - Reports, invoices & search bookmark

21 May 2021
Kevin Papst

The release 1.14.3 was just published, after the major release was already released on the 23th of April. Sorry for the late posting, but some bugs popped up that needed to be fixed before this announcement.

This release includes a critical backward compatibility break: dropped SQLite support and FTP installation package (see announcement).

List of notable changes

  • A new translation language was added: Greek
  • Prevent overbooking of budgets (can be deactivated)
  • Differentiate between billable and non-billable timesheets
  • Duplicate timesheet entries via dialog for immediate adjustments
  • Create bookmarks to change the default search of all listings (including invoice and export)
  • Highlight invisible/deactivated items with light yellow background
  • Change select box for colors: pre-select from a configured list via dropdown
  • Redesigned action-toolbar on detail pages
  • Export preview with money and time totals grouped by customer


  • Configure start of “financial year”
  • Improved “Sunday being first day of week”
  • Select report as initial view after login
  • Configure the initial reporting view


  • Added preview grouped by customer
  • Batch generation of invoices
  • Added invoice archive with search
  • Save payment date for invoices
  • Export list of generated invoices


  • Display a daily total in “week” and “day” view
  • Delete a time entry in the calendar view via drag & drop

New reports

  • Monthly view for all users
  • Yearly view for all users
  • Project overview
  • Inactive projects

Security issues

David Woodhouse from Aegis9 and Mohammed Al Oraimi reported a security issue related to CSV exports, called Dynamic Data Exchange or DDE payload attack (Users can add DDE payloads in timesheet descriptions). This is not a Kimai problem, but applies to all programs that support user input and CSV export. Microsoft actually calls this problem a “feature” of Excel. Advice: Do not rely on CSV for data exchange if you use Excel, export XSLX instead.

Thank you!

Thanks to all of you for using and supporting Kimai, especially:

  • all clients and donors who help me to keep up the work for Kimai
  • the developers who contributed their time
  • the translators at Weblate
  • the security researcher out there, who privately disclose any issue
  • everyone else contributing at GitHub, too many to name you all

Thanks for being part of the Kimai community ❤️

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Full changelog

You can find all commits here.

Implemented enhancements:

Fixed bugs:

  • The dates in the header row of the table on the Reporting page are not in the correct format for English (US) #2492
  • The table Reporting page does not respect the user’s First day of the week setting #2475
  • API Timesheets collection fails with error 500 instead of 404 #2466
  • The calendar view on the DateRangePicker does not respect the user’s First day of the week setting #2459
  • Cleaning Dashboard from projects out of date #2390
  • Unreadable dirty modal notice #2370
  • Fix calendar view for drag&drop entries with tags in dropdown-mode #2520 (kevinpapst)
  • fix sunday being first day of week #2483 (kevinpapst)
  • fix api 404 on page parameter #2468 (kevinpapst)
  • allow increasing invoice numbers per day #2433 (kevinpapst)
  • hide expired projects in team-projects widget #2432 (kevinpapst)
  • Widget fixes #2373 (kevinpapst)
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