Release 0.8 - Export, Timezones & UI

19 Feb 2019
Kevin Papst

This release includes database changes and one major change, which makes the upgrade process slightly more complicated, as you have to execute one more step after the normal update procedure.

Full Changelog

Upgrade from 0.7:

The release main topic was “Export, Timezones & UI”. Most notable changes:

  • Added export module
  • Full timezone support for shared teams
  • Daily stats in timesheet

Implemented enhancements:

  • Export other users’ timesheets using the API #562
  • Some importer bugs/improvements #553
  • Export timesheet only exports entries on the current page #534
  • On the last activities dropdown show tha last ten DIFFERENT activities #533
  • Better user expierence on “My Times” #526
  • Highlight current day in datepickers and not only the selected day #522
  • Configuration of first page after login #501
  • Visual Grouping of entry from same day or same week with some stats of that group #495

Fixed bugs:

  • Error 404 on ‘My times’ page 2+ if the time range is changed to something smaller #558
  • Timezone is not working correctly #554
  • New time picker not working on languages without updated translation #546
  • Export timesheet only exports entries on the current page #534
  • Kimai2 will not allow me to enter times in the future #531
  • No projects in filter section #525
  • This value should be greater than or equal to zero #511
  • Wrong time after migration kimai v1 data #507

Closed issues:

  • Feedback for improving installation setup #541
  • template entry.end_time shows empty field #535
  • Global Projects #413

Merged pull requests:

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