Release 1.20 - Calendar switch

14 Jun 2022
Kevin Papst

The release 1.20 and its bugfix releases were published between May and June 2022.

You are lucky, despite announcing otherwise this release still supports PHP 7.3 and PHP 7.4. But be warned: it is only tested with 7.4 and developed with 8.1.


New feature highlights from the releases 1.20, 1.20.1, 1.20.2, 1.20.3 and 1.20.4 are:

  • Calendar user switching
  • Exported timesheets by default for invoices
  • New validation for “empty duration” timesheets
  • Invoice text field to replace activity / project name
  • New config settings for “weekly hours”
  • New en_GB locale

Thank you!

Thanks to all of you for using and supporting Kimai, especially:

  • everyone who contributes financially, allowing me to spend so much time with Kimai
  • the community for all their input, discussions, feature requests and bug notices
  • the developers contributing their knowledge and time
  • the translators at Weblate
  • the security researcher who privately disclose any issue

Thanks for being part of the Kimai community ❤️

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Full changelog

This changelist contains all changes between 1.19.7 and 1.20.4.

You can find all commits here.

Implemented enhancements:

  • Allow switching user displayed in calendar #3314, #1746, #1067
  • Permission check for “mark-as-exported” checkboxes #3313
  • Prevent bookings with same start / stop time #3304, #2342
  • Added weekly-hours setting “how many weeks in the past for recent activities” #3296
  • Added weekly-hours setting “minimum number of rows” #3297
  • Added en_GB locale with dd/mm/yyyy format #3311
  • improved timesheet calculator with changesets and priority #3317
  • calculate and include exported stats (e.g. available in export templates) #3317
  • added hourly rate column to timesheet listing #3317
  • added invoice text field to project and activity #3335
  • added css class for custom fields columns on listing page #3328, #3336
  • added css classes in many forms for simpler customization via custom css #3320
  • Added new permission to separate time and money budget #3352
  • Support pdfContext for PDF invoice templates #3340
  • Hide user switcher in calendar if there is only one user to choose #3340
  • Mark invoices as exported by default #3340
  • Make quick entry responsive for mobile-only users #3340
  • Updated composer packages #3340
  • Translations update from Weblate #3321, #3329, #3310, #3276, #3339
  • helper method to reset timesheet rates #3317

Fixed bugs:

  • pre-select an option if it is the only available one worked only on every second click #3337
  • Unify extension check (add xsl to doctor)
  • Fix updating one system-config section redirects to all sections
  • edit_export_other_timesheet #1473
  • Fix edit timesheet link #3340
  • Fix drag & drop creates record for wrong user #3340
  • Fix search with multiple bindings #3340
  • Fix serialization deprecation warning #3340
  • Fix duration calculation for fixed rate entries #3340
  • Fix checkbox for horizontal forms #3340
  • fix calendar drag and drop for regular user #3358
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