Beta 2 - Callout for testing

21 Jan 2023
Kevin Papst

Following the longer news about the next major release this news is a quick heads up that the Beta 2 was just released at GitHub.

You can find the relases here. And if you want to start testing, you can simply switch the version number in the usual upgrade and installation commands to 2.0.0-beta-2.

For Updates this would be:

git checkout 2.0.0-beta-2

And for new installations:

git clone -b 2.0.0-beta-2 --depth 1

Detailed changelog

  • Translated using Weblate (#3723)
  • do not traverse into invoice template subdirectories (#3735)
  • merged release 1.30.3 and 1.30.5 - allow to upload twig invoice templates via UI
  • allow to pre-fill timesheet metafields via URL
  • added test accounts with simpler names and password
  • fix column bookmark cannot be saved (#3768)
  • support adding existing teams with same name
  • permissions cannot be set right after role was created (#3777)
  • allow to deactivate unique customer number validation (#3762)
  • invalid message when trying to edit locked or exported timesheets in calendar (#3766)
  • updated icons and manifest (#3761)
  • fix api description
  • fix security open api definition

BC for plugin authors

  • upgrade to Symfony 6.2
  • removed Sensio-FrameworkExtraBundle and replaced with new native SF annotations
  • fixed Symfony 6.2 deprecations
  • fix currency can be null, removed fluent interface

Thank you

For now, I want to thank you all for your support and for using Kimai. And I am really looking forward to your feedback on the new version 🙈😁

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