#1 Open-Source Time-Tracking

Time-tracking for Non-Profit Organizations ✨

Today I want to say thank you to the many NGOs and NPOs:

  • Non-profit and charitable organisations
  • Public and independent schools, universities, adult education centres
  • Authorities and organisations with security tasks, rescue services, civil protection, fire brigade
  • Nature conservation, sports and all other community-building and skills-development organisations
  • Social services and church organisations, elderly care and youth facilities
  • … and so many others that I have forgotten to mention here

You give your time, work small and big miracles and enrich the lives of so many: Thank you for being there!

As an organisation grows, receives more donations or employs more staff, it becomes important to record and analyse the working hours of employees. Workflows should be analysed and potential efficiency improvements should be identified at an early stage. This is not only to free up time and money for the real work, but also to be able to submit transparent accountability reports.

I want to support you and therefore offer an unbeatable and annually billed non-profit rate:


0.99/ Per user & month

  • Working hour account
  • Public Holidays, vacation, sick leave
  • Expense tracking
  • Custom fields
  • Task management
  • Daily backups for download
  • Single Sign-On with SAML
  • Custom Domain with SSL

If you represent a non-profit association or organisation, please register with an official e-mail address of the organisation and write a support message. The plan will be activated after a manual approval.

It would be great if I could use your logo and name as a reference on www.kimai.cloud and www.kimai.org.

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