Activities in Kimai are meant to explain the kind of work done for a specific task/timesheet.

Activity types

Activities can have two different types: global and project specific.

Project specific

Activities can be assigned to a project, which means you can only choose them if the linked project is active.

Global activities

Activities can be global, meaning they are not linked to a project and can be used in combination with every project.

Examples for global activities could be:

  • meetings
  • phone calls
  • administrative tasks

These examples might vary heavily between different industries, the main usage are recurring tasks throughout all of your projects.

Activity colors

Each activity can be assigned its own color, for easier identification in various screens.

If no color has been selected, the project color will be used. If that is not defined as well, Kimai will fallback to the customer color and finally to the default color.

Time budget

The Time budget field supports entering data in the following formats:

Time span

  • Format: {hours}:{minutes}, {hours}:{minutes}:{seconds}
  • Description: Seconds are optional, leading zero can be skipped, overflow is supported for every field
  • Examples: 2:27 = 2 hours and 27 minutes, 3:143:13 = 5 hours and 23 minutes and 13 seconds

Time interval (ISO 8601)

  • Format: {hours}h, {hours}h{minutes}m, {hours}h{minutes}m{seconds}s
  • Description: Each section is optional, overflow is supported for every field, unit identifier can be written in lower and uppercase, seconds are supported but will be removed with activated rounding
  • Examples: 2h = 2 hours, 147m = 2 hours and 27 minutes, 3h14m = 3 hours and 14 minutes

Decimal duration

  • Format: {hours}, {hours,minutes in decimal}, {hours.minutes in decimal}
  • Description: Duration in hours, for decimal separator both . and , are supported, minutes need to be given as decimal portion (eg. 30 minutes = 0.5)
  • Examples: 1,5 = 1 hour and 30 minutes, 2 = 2 hours

Attention: Before Kimai 1.13 this format was treated as seconds (a format unusable for humans)

Time budgets will not be used to apply restrictions on timesheet records, but they are used for reports.


By toggling the visibility on an activity, you:

  • hide the activity from all drop-downs, regardless of their visibility state
  • hide the activity from the default list in the activities administration

Please note:

  • all currently linked objects will still show the activity in the dropdown as pre-selected option
    • you can still change the activity on timesheet record, which used it before
    • you cannot create new timesheet records for this activity
  • you can still access the hidden entries by changing the visibility filter on the toolbars

The visibility filter in the toolbar has three state:

  • Visible: Yes (all activities that are “really” visible, meaning: the activity, linked project and customer are visible)
  • Visible: No (all activities that are exclusively invisible by their own visibility state)
  • Visible “empty” (all activities: not filtering on their own, the projects or customers visibility)

The search drop-down supports filtering by the fields:

  • customer
  • project
  • global / non-global
  • visibility

Besides these filters, you can query for a free search term, which will be searched in the fields:

  • name
  • comment

Additionally you can filter for custom fields by using a search phrase like location:homeoffice. This would find all activities with the custom field location matching the term homeoffice.

The search terms will be found within the full value, so searching for office would find:

  • I love working in my office
  • Office
  • This office is beautiful
  • Our offices are very noisy

You can mix the search term and use multiple meta-field queries:

  • location:homeoffice activityname foo - find all activities matching the search term activityname foo with the custom field location matching the term homeoffice
  • location:homeoffice contract:foo activityname - find all activities matching the search term activityname with the custom field combination: location matching the term homeoffice and contract matching the term foo
  • location:homeoffice contract:foo - find all activities with the custom field combination: location matching the term homeoffice and contract matching the term foo