Branding your Kimai

Kimai offers the followinh configuration settings, to adapt the branding to your company.

What can be customized?

  • You can change the login screen and add your logo
  • You can replace the application name with your company name (approx. 15-20 character)
  • You can replace the mini version “KTT” with an abbreviation for your company name (3 chars max)
  • The browser title can be replaced as well

If you remove the logo, the value of company will be used in the login screen.

If you want to show more character in company, you can use the CustomCSS plugin to adapt eg. the font size.

Configure via local.yaml

            logo: ""
            company: Acme University
            mini: AC
            title: Awesome!


If you want/need to replace some default translations (eg. they don’t reflect your industry), then you can add a translation file which will used as first translation source.

First you create a file my-company.en.xlf either in the translations/ directory or in the translation directory of your custom plugin at Resources/translations/.

Then activate the file by changing your local.yaml:

            translation: my-company