Manage your timesheet records in a calendar view

Kimai provides a calendar view, which allows management of your timesheet entries in a calendar format, where you can choose between a monthly, weekly and daily view.

Editing timesheets

  • By clicking an existing timesheet in the calendar, you open the “edit timesheet” form
  • By selecting and then moving the entry on the calendar, you can shift the time of the entry. So you can easily change begin and end, without changing the duration (see Drag & Drop)
  • By clicking the handle at the bottom of an existing record and then dragging it to another time (end and duration will be changed)

Creating timesheets

There are a couple of ways you can create a new timesheet record in the calendar view:

  • By clicking into the calendar you open a “create timesheet” form for a running entry with the correct day pre-selected (month, week and day view)
  • When you click and drag the selection, you open a “create timesheet” form for a completed timesheet (week and day view)
  • Drag & drop existing entries (like recent activities) from the left side into the calendar (month, week and day view)

Delete a timesheet

You can remove every timesheet record by drag & drop onto the “Delete” button:

Delete a record by dropping it on the trash bin

Switching user

Since version 1.20 you can switch the account whose data is displayed, if your user owns the permission view_other_timesheet.

If you are able to switch the account, if depends on the following permissions if you can manipulate records:

  • edit existing records: edit_other_timesheet
  • create new records: create_other_timesheet
  • delete user records: delete_other_timesheet

The recent activities drag & drop is also switched to the account currently displayed.

Calendar configurations

The look and feel of the calendar can be customized via System > Settings.

User preferences

A user can change the initial view for the calendar, see user preferences.