Thats where you track your time. We hope the interface is easy to understand and use.

Tracking your time

Just select a customer and all corresponding projects will be highlighted. Next step is to choose the project you are working on and last but not least the task you are doing. Now you are ready to track your time. Just hit the big green button in the top right corner to start tracking. To stop your current record hit the red stop-button either on the left of your current record or the top right corner. Afterwards you can choose another customer, project and/or task and continue to record.

Editing your time

If you have forgot to quit tracking or selected a wrong task: don’t panic! There is a little pencil next to your recorded events. By clicking on it you will be able to rearrange a mistake that might have happened.

Attention: The start and end-time of events that have been recorded after that mistake will not be modified automatically. Have a look if there are overlapping entries.

If you are in need of some extra info to your current task use the comments bubble displayed beneath the running time. Here you can add whatever info you think can help you with explained what you did.