Thanks to many great developer out there we have several external applications, which allow you to use Kimai on your Desktop and mobile device.

Please note that these apps are not maintained by the Kimai Team.

Kimai mobile

A very simple mobile optimized interface of Kimai. It lets you start and stop your time record from mobile devices.

It is built with jQuery Mobile support and works as a developer demonstration for the Kimai Remote API.


TimeTracker for Mac

Track the time spent on projects right from your menu bar. All data is stored on the open source time tracking web application Kimai. You need to have your own private Kimai installation running to use this app.

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DanSoft Time for iPhone

A simply way to track time with kimai as backend from your iPhone. Just select customer and task and klick start or stop so will it count time.

Perfect for freelancers, Consultants and other companies that need their employes to track time.

iTunes AppStore

Kimai Time Tracker (Android)

Client for the time managment software Kimai. This app makes mobile tracking and logging into your kimai existing installation easier. If you want to be auto logged in after application start check the appropiate box.

Normally you have to open your browser, go to favourites, click your kimai page, input data. Now you only have to do the last step every time you want to add entries.

GitHub F-Droid


Stop documenting the time used for tasks days or weeks after you have actually done them. TimeTrapp allows you to record your time anywhere you go. While being a generic App, TimeTrapp also supports Kimai as backend. So storing entries in your favorite timetracker is easier than ever.

TimeTrapp supports:

  • Adding new records to your timesheet, documenting what you have done when
  • Listing all previous entries
  • Creating filtered summaries per project
  • Managing favorite entries for quick access to often used tasks

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Kimai-widget - Rainmeter skin

Rainmeter skin for Kimai, you can start and stop the timer for a selected project and activity. Requires Rainmeter, a desktop customization tool for Windows. More info on Github.



A command line client for Kimai. Start and stop a timer from the terminal.


Know more apps? Create a new issue and we will update this page.