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A Kimai 2 plugin, which allows you to backup your environment with a single click.
Last update: 15 Dec 2019

After the installation a new menu entry EasyBackup is created. There you can create a new backup by clicking the Create Backup button. Afterwards all created backups will be listet at the page and you can delete or download the createt backup as zip file.


First clone it to your Kimai installation plugins directory:

cd /kimai/var/plugins/
git clone

And then rebuild the cache:

cd /kimai/
bin/console cache:clear
bin/console cache:warmup

You could also download it as zip and upload the directory via FTP:

├── EasyBackupBundle
│   ├── EasyBackupBundle.php
|   └ ... more files and directories follow here ...

Please contact me via for any inquiry.


This bundle stores the backups zipped in the directory var/easy_backup. Make sure its writable by your webserver! We don’t use the recommended var/data/ directory, because it will be part of the backuped files!

What files are backed up?

Currently these directories and files are included in the backup:


According to the backup docu the kimai version should be saved to. Also the current git head. Therefor a Readme.txt file with the mentioned information is written and added to the backup.

What database tables are backuped?

If you use sqlite, the database file is backuped because the var/data directory will be backuped by the plugin.

If you use mysql/mariadb the plugin will recognize it by reading the configured database connection url. Then it will execute a mysqldump command and create a sql dump file which will be added to the backup zip.

Please note: Currently the mysqldump command is used as /usr/bin/mysqldump. This will only work on systems where mysqldump is available at this location. I will change it later on, but this should work on most environments.

Early development phase

If anyone will help me with testing or contributing it would be great.

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