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Kimai is the open source Time Log software you were looking for ✨

No vendor lock-in

Vendor lock-in can cost a lot, not just in cash but also in hours. With Kimai, you can host it yourself, have me host it for you, or fork it and change it. You're never locked into a hosted product, and all of your data is easy to export so that if you ever decide Kimai isn't for you anymore, your data is still yours (the same applies to the paid plans, I offer data export upon cancellation).

Always transparent

With closed source software, you have only the vendor's claims that they're keeping the software secure and adhering to standards. The visibility of the code behind open source software means you can see for yourself. You can always see my responses to the community, the release schedule and milestones, and every commit and pull request review.


Discover Kimai

Step into a realm where time logging is being revolutionised - Kimai is at the forefront of open source time log software!

Kimai: Your premier open source time log solution

As you sift through available open source time-log solutions, Kimai stands out for its freedom, adaptability and complete ownership.

Amidst the many choices of time logging tools, Kimai shines as a beacon of supreme adaptability and mastery. It’s the open source time log software that’s a cut above for your needs.

Why choose Kimai as your time log software?

Kimai is more than just a time log application; it’s an innovator in project management and workforce monitoring. Here are compelling reasons to let Kimai lead your time logging efforts:

Tailored flexibility

Get a time logging system that’s not off-the-shelf, but tailored to your business. With Kimai you get a platform that easily adapts to your operational needs.

Dynamic features that drive efficiency

  • Streamlined time logging: Track time effortlessly and focus on the tasks at hand.
  • Project-Centric Tracking: Accurately track time down to the task for accurate billing and insightful analysis.
  • Crystal-clear reporting: Create reports that shed light on your team’s work dynamics and performance.
  • Granular user permissions: Create user roles and permissions that align with your organisational hierarchy and security protocols.
  • Ubiquitous Access: Kimai is available on all devices, whether desktop, tablet or mobile, ensuring that your time records are always within reach.
  • Deep Customisation: Tailor Kimai’s functionality to fit seamlessly into your business model.

Powered by community

Kimai thrives on collaboration and has a rich API that syncs with your existing systems for a unified experience.

The power of open source brings you a vibrant community for unparalleled support, enriched with continuous enhancements, add-ons and solutions. Share knowledge, solve problems and grow together.

The best open source time log application for you

When it comes to time logging, Kimai is more than a software solution - it is a strategic ally that evolves with your business. Take advantage of open source and improve your time log practices.

Choose Kimai where advanced functionality meets limitless potential.

Which Kimai is right for you?


I take care of the software, you take care about the hosting, updates and security. And if you don't want to do it yourself, there is always support available at your fingertips. You buy the plugins relevant to you in an annual update subscription.


Get up and running in seconds, leave the hosting and update to me, you take care of your core business. Make sure your team is ready for the future, with a modern time tracking solution. All plugins are available in the cloud at no extra cost.

One software, two versions

Hosted by you
Hosted for you
Number of users Unlimited Unlimited
Number of customers Unlimited Unlimited
Number of projects Unlimited Unlimited
Number of activities Unlimited Unlimited
Invoice printing
Data export
Community Forum
Working hours, vacation, sickness, public holidays 299 € per year
Audit trail logs 49 € per year
Custom fields 79 € per year
Expense management 99 € per year
Task planning 79 € per year
Translations 29 € per year
Kiosk mode with support for Barcode, RFID, Web NFC 199 € per year
Personal support With additional costs
Custom domain incl. SSL With additional costs
Automatic Backups
SSL Certificate (TLS) included
Access restriction via IP
Automatic Updates
Server Maintenance
Priority for feature requests

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