Argos/Kargos/xbar menu-bar plugin

Put Kimai on your top bar!

Peter Gyetvai
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Peter Gyetvai

Argos/Kargos/xbar/BitBar script for Kimai. Only usable with kimai2-cmd.

With this script you can start/stop measurements from your desktop.

More info about this desktop plugins:


Most important steps, without details:

  • Install Kimai on a server, and create an API password
  • Download and setup kimai-cmd
  • Link kimai-cmd to path
  • Install Argos/Kargos/xbar
  • Clone the script to the plugin directory of your platform
  • Make sure the script is executable

For more detailed information visit the project’s Github page


Argos - Gnome

Argos - active measurement

Argos - recent measurements

Bitbar - Mac

Bitbar - active measurement

Bitbar - recent measurements


Offered by

Peter Gyetvai

Freelancer, Revit specialist, also do some frontend

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