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Katja Glass Consulting
מוצע על ידי
Katja Glass Consulting

A plugin for Kimai to approve timesheets of users on a weekly basis.


  • Users can send a week for approval (in sequential order)
  • User lockdown -> a submitted/approved week can no longer be edited (apart from admins) - there is one lockdown date per user (LockdownPerUserBundle)
  • Teamlead/Admin can approve or deny the week
  • Overview of approvals, missing approvals and the status
  • Mailing options to recall approval tasks if outstanding



העתקת קבצים

Extract the ZIP file and upload the included directory and all files to your Kimai installation to the new directory:


Or you can clone it directly to the var/plugins/ directory of your Kimai installation:

cd kimai/var/plugins/
git clone ApprovalBundle

The file structure needs to look like this afterwards:

├── ApprovalBundle
│   ├── ApprovalBundle.php
|   └ ... more files and directories follow here ...

פינוי המטמון

After uploading the files, Kimai needs to know about the new plugin. It will be found once the cache was re-built. Call these commands from the Kimai directory:

How to reload Kimai cache

bin/console kimai:reload --env=prod

It is not advised, but in case the above command fails you could try:

rm -r var/cache/prod/*

You might have to set file permissions afterwards:

Adjust file permission

You have to allow PHP (your webserver process) to write to var/ and it subdirectories.

Here is an example for Debian/Ubuntu (to be executed inside the Kimai directory):

chown -R :www-data .
chmod -R g+r .
chmod -R g+rw var/

יצירת מסד נתונים

Run the following command:

bin/console kimai:bundle:approval:install

This will create the required database tables and update them to the latest version.


Updating the plugin works exactly like the installation:

  • Delete the directory var/plugins/ApprovalBundle/
  • Execute all installation steps again:
    • העתקת קבצים
    • פינוי המטמון
    • Update database with bin/console kimai:bundle:approval:install


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גרסת מאגד גרסת Kimai מזערית
0.9.1 1.16.10

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מוצע על ידי

Katja Glass Consulting

Open Source focused consultant in Pharma area

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