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Server requirements

These requirements are provided by almost all hosting companies:

  • PHP 7.2 or higher
    • PHP extensions: mbstring, gd, intl, pdo, xml, zip
  • Database (MySQL, MariaDB, SQLite)
  • Webserver (nginx, Apache with mod_rewrite …)
  • A modern browser

Installation with SSH

The recommended way to install Kimai: no need for downloading Kimai manually, you will use git and composer for the installation.

Version 1.1 (source code only) Development

Shared hosting / FTP

This way is not recommended nor properly supported. Kimai does not yet ship a web-installer like other web-apps. You have to read the documentation carefully. That said, here is the installation package for the latest Kimai release, for file uploads with FTP or SCP:

Version 1.1 (pre-installed for FTP)

Development version

A development version is the latest package we are currently working on AKA the master. It will have new features and bugfixes included (see demo site), but it might not be as stable as an official release. If you are an experienced user of Kimai and have the resources to help us with testing or just like to play with brand new features, you should install the latest development version.

Please help us, test it and leave some feedback if you find any problems.

More downloads

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