Download Kimai

Server requirements for Kimai are:

  • PHP 7.1.3 or higher
  • one of the PHP extensions PDO-SQLite or PDO-MySQL
  • the PHP extensions mbstring, gd, intl, xml and zip

If you are unsure, you can test your servers compatibility with the Symfony requirements-checker.

Latest (0.8.1) Development All releases


Full installation instructions can be found in our documentation.

Development version

A development version is the latest package we are currently working on. It might have new features or bugfixes included, but it might have new bugs as well.

If you are an experienced user of Kimai and have the resources to help us with testing or just like to play with brand new features, you can download the latest development version. It includes many of the features you see at the demo site, which are not yet available in a stable release.

Please help us, test it and give us your feedback if you find any problems.

Older downloads

All Kimai v2 releases can be found at our GitHub release page.