Kimai-Cloud 2.0 🎉

18 Feb 2023
Kevin Papst

Today is a big day for the Kimai Cloud, as we gradually start rolling out our biggest update to date to all customers. This update is not one of the usual maintenance updates, but a completely renewed version, that has been worked on for over a year and has involved hundreds of hours and just as many changes.

As it would be impossible to list all the changes in detail, we are only sharing a list of the most exciting (from our point of view) adjustments today.

New design

The most obvious first: the interface has been given a new design. The basic elements have remained the same, but many things have been optimized. Now many buttons have labels, the menu structure has been revised, the search function is integrated directly into the page, there is a “dark mode”, RTL languages are supported and much more.


After 5 failed attempts, the user login for the IP address is blocked for several minutes. If further attempts are made during this time, the waiting period starts again, which prevents certain types of attacks (especially brute force).

For local user accounts (not for logins via SAML), two-factor authentication (2FA) via TOTP tokens is now supported.

Logged-in users will have to re-enter their password for certain actions after a longer period without use, but will no longer have to log in completely (incl. user name) as before.

Further innovations

  • Revised logic for (re-)calculating hourly rates (prevents wrong prices after copying entries or changing project, activity and user).
  • New “welcome wizard” for first-time users and each user once after the update
  • Each user can configure their own dashboard widgets
  • Configured (visible) columns of each list view are synchronized to all devices, with different profiles for desktop and mobile
  • New “Reports” home screen with easier access to all available reports
  • Context menu for all list views and the calendar, saving one column per list
  • New custom field for automatic tagging of timesheets based on client, project etc.

Detail improvements

  • Time, date and money formats are bound to user’s language (and locale)
  • User-defined fields of the timesheet can be pre-filled via the URL
  • Link to export timesheets from the project-details report
  • New field “system user” for users (hides users in reports and dropdowns, e.g. for admin or API access)
  • New user setting for a personal “favourites” menu
  • Automatic numbering of new customers, with configurable format of the customer number
  • Optional validation for the uniqueness of the customer number
  • Support for adding teams with the same name
  • New API header for pagination - see documentation
  • Confirm edit dialogues with keyboard shortcuts
  • Keywords (if less than 500 are registered) and users with colour coding in dropdowns
  • Drastically reduced app file sizes (main app from ~1.2MB to ~350kB, calendar from ~760kB to ~210kB), making the interface load faster

For administrators

If you use your own CSS or Javascript, then these rules will most likely need to be rewritten. Please disable all rules before submitting a support request, as this code may interfere with certain parts of the new Kimai. Not only is jQuery no longer available, but most CSS selectors have changed as well.

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