Version 1
06 Dec 2007

I’m thinking about deactivating the warning screen that appears every time an update is performed. In deed I’m using Kimai with real data over a year now. I used it for my business even before I started thinking about ever making it public. The updater never broke the database structure critically (… and my installment went through a shit load of updates during that time). So I guess it’s a good idea to get rid of that annoying thing.

Also, there used to be an automatic update function in the past that actually worked pretty good. But I was afraid it could screw up the data of (quite a bunch) of users out there if I’d make the slightest mistake… So I removed it. But I’d like to have some similar functionality in there again. At least something like a ping if there is a new version available for download and how important that update is.

Maybe the will be something like that soon.

UPDATE 12-08-07: turning off the update nagscreen is now an option in vars.php …

UPDATE 12-09-07: also in vars.php you can activate a ‘check-for-new-version-at-startup’ option now

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