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This plugin allows time to logged from ChromePlugin tickets into a Kimai instance.
Last update: 10 Jul 2020

ChromePlugin to Kimai Bridge

This plugin allows time to logged from ChromePlugin tickets into a Kimai instance.


The plugin

Clone the repo into your plugins folder of a Kimai installation (it must be in a folder named ChromePluginBundle:

cd /path/to/kimai
cd var/plugins
clone ChromePluginBundle

Reload the plugins:

cd /path/to/kimai
./bin/console kimai:reload

The chrome extension

Right now it’s not in the chrome store, it will be, but for now there is a packed crx file in the var/plugins/ChromePluginBundle/Resources/ folder. Because the extension needs to access your Kimai instance it has to have the hosts: https://*/* permissions which google (quite correctly) finds very permissive and this holds up getting it into the store.

Get it here.

Set up

This will add a new icon to your chrome extensions. The first time you click it you will launch the options page. Here you must add a URL pointing to the web root of you Kimai server. Save the options and then you can use the extension.

Linking to Trello/Github

Time can be logged directly against a project from a Github issue/project or Trello board.

  1. Navigate to the Github issue/project or Trello board, and open any card.
  2. Activate the extension, the white arrow in a green circle.
  3. The pop up will say it cannot find a project associated with this board.
  4. Copy the ID, e.g. tobybatch_ChromeKimaiBridge
  5. Log into Kimai as an admin and navigate to the project you want to associate with this project.
  6. Edit the project, you will find a field call External Board ID
  7. Enter the board id and save the project.
  8. Return to the github issue/trello card and activate the extension.
  9. Log time and view logged history.

The external board id accepts multiple board references in a comma seperated list.

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ChromePlugin to Kimai Bridge