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Kevin Papst

Freelancer, PHP professional and Kimai core developer since 2007

Want to have a special feature, which is not available in Kimai? I can develop it for you!
Last update: 20 Feb 2019

If you need an extension for Kimai, I am here to develop it for you.

For example if you want to:

  • connect your token based hardware login system with Kimai
  • send regular reports to your customers
  • generate additional statistics for the work of your users and projects

Please contact me via info@keleo.de for any inquiry.


Some extensions can be developed on a fixed price basis, if you can provide exact specifications upfront.

If you give your permission to release the extension for the community as part of the Kimai core product, we can discuss special pricing.

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Console client (PHAR)
Custom plugin development
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