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Kimai widget for Windows!

Rainmeter widget for Kimai

Rainmeter is an open source desktop customization tool for Windows


  • kimai-default: similar to the Kimai webui

kimai-deafult screenshot

  • infinibar: fits my hardware monitor skin infinibar

infinibar screenshot

If you have an idea of another variant, just open an issue!



  • Install Rainmeter
  • Create an API password


  • Download the rmskin package from releases
  • Open the rmskin package with Rainmeter, enable the skin
  • Click on the Kimai logo and add your server address and credentials in the opening new window
  • Click on the reload icon to update the skin


  • Click on the Kimai logo to open your Kimai webui in your default browser
  • Click on the name of the current active recording or on the ‘No active recording’ text to show your recent measurements
  • Click on one of a recent measurement to restart it
  • Click on the ▶️ play button to restart your latest measurement
  • Click on the ⏹ stop button to stop your current measurement
  • Click on the 🔄 reload button to reload settings from the server. Play and stop also reloads everything, use this button if you made changes on the Kimai webUI
  • When you click on the 🔄 reload button it will disappear and only reapper if everything was reloaded successfully.