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New work times plugin

MR Software shuts down, but we have an all-in-one replacement for all their controlling plugins!

27 Aug 2023
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Kimai Mobile iOS release

Kimai Mobile for iOS was launched by Cloudrizon GmbH: a game-changing time tracking application

01 Aug 2023
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Social media

Exciting news! We’ve officially joined your favorite socials to bring you even more of what you love.

10 Apr 2024
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Removing free plan from the cloud

Yes! Sad as it is, I’m removing the free plan from the cloud. It was a tough decision that had to be made after careful thought as it was causing two problems;

27 Mar 2024
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Work times plugin for Cloud

Today I’m back with the most anticipated and biggest feature update I’ve ever created for Kimai.

09 Sep 2023


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Kimai 2.0 - It's here!

🎉 Yes, you all have been waiting for this moment for almost too long 🎉

20 May 2023
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Beta 2 - Callout for testing

Following the longer news about the next major release this news is a quick heads up that the Beta 2 was just released at GitHub.

21 Jan 2023
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Next major release

Wooohooo 😀 I am super excited to share this update, as I was working on it for more than one year now!!! 🎉

31 Dec 2022


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