Client en ligne de commande

Client en ligne de commande multiplateforme pour Kimai, écrit avec Node.js

Peter Gyetvai
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Peter Gyetvai

Command line client for Kimai

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This client is not intended to replace the Kimai webUI, so only basic functions


  • Start, restart and stop measurements
  • List active and recent measurements
  • List projects and activities


  • Interactive terminal UI with autocomplete
  • Classic terminal UI for integration


Requests for integrations with other softwares are welcomed! Just open an issue and show an example output, what you need.

Download and install

Download from Github releases

Available platforms:

  • Linux
  • Mac
  • Windows portable
  • Windows installer

More info on project readme


Interactive UI

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If you start without any commands, you will get to the interactive UI. Use your keyboard’s arrow keys for navigation. On the Start new measurement menu item you can search for project and activity names.

You can exit with ctrl+c any time.

Classic UI

You can find all the options in the help:

$ kimai2-cmd --help

Usage: kimai2-cmd [options] [command]

Command line client for Kimai2. For interactive mode start without any commands. To generate settings file start in interactive mode!

  -V, --version               output the version number
  -v, --verbose               verbose, longer logging
  -i, --id                    show id of elements when listing
  -b, --argosbutton           argos/bitbar button output
  -a, --argos                 argos/bitbar output
  -h, --help                  output usage information

  start [project] [activity]  start selected project and activity
  restart [id]                restart selected measurement
  stop [id]                   stop all or selected measurement measurements, [id] is optional
  rainmeter                   update rainmeter skin
  list-active                 list active measurements
  list-recent                 list recent measurements
  list-projects               list all projects
  list-activities             list all activities
  url                         prints the url of the server

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