Charities and Educational

Kimai-Cloud for non-profit and charity organisations

Today I say thank you to all the many non-profits and charities that exist. You enrich the lives of many, save, give, heal, support, alleviate - you provide meaning to some, others a meal, a dry place to sleep, warmth, a more peaceful life, education, health, shelter; you take away fear, cold, hunger, sickness, loneliness.

This list full of little miracles could be continued for a long time, but I will cut it short here and say: Thank you for taking care of all those who need your help!

As an organisation becomes larger and receives more donations, it becomes important to record and evaluate the working hours of all employees. Workflows should be analysed and potential efficiencies identified early on. Not only to free up more time and money for the actual purpose of the organisation, but also to be able to share comprehensible accountability reports.

In order to make a contribution as well, I have decided to offer an extended free plan for non-profit and charity organisations. If you represent a non-profit association or organisation, register with an e-mail address of the official domain of your association and write a short support message.

You can expect free access to the basic plan with enough users to support your work.