Test Kimai

This page leads you to a demo installation of Kimai, where you can get a first impression on how this software feels and which functionality it provides. If you encounter any problem, we would kindly ask you to send us a message in our issue tracker. Please notice, that the Demo will be reinstalled on a regular schedule and all entered data will be removed.

Access demo

Demo users

The following user are available for your tests. Please create your own test user (see below) if these don’t work:

Username Password Role Description
john_user kitten User  
chris_user kitten User deactivated
tony_teamlead kitten Teamlead  
anna_admin kitten Administrator  
susan_super kitten Super-Administrator  
admin password Super-Administrator no records

Demo re-installation

The demo url is: https://demo-v2.kimai.org

You can register your own account in the demo login form.

The demo …

  • … imports the Kimai v2 test data, so you can directly start testing
  • … will be reinstalled twice a day, check above that you don’t run into a reinstall while testing
  • … is always created from the latest development version (master branch), so you might find bugs which will not be available in the next release