Test Kimai in one of the demos

Please choose one of our demo installations of Kimai 2, where you can get a first impression on how this software feels and which functionality it provides.

Development version

Explore the latest features, which were added in the development version and that will be included in the next release.

Access demo

Latest stable

Showcasing the latest stable release. Best for the people who don't want to risk development bugs. Installed version: 1.1

Access demo


The latest development version with some additional plugins installed. You can find these plugins in our Marketplace.

Access demo

Be aware that the demos will be reinstalled on a regular schedule and all entered data will be removed. But for your convenience, they are reinstalled with a lot of test data inside, so you can directly start testing features (like invoice or export) that require data to be present.

If you encounter any problem, I would kindly ask you to drop a message in the issue tracker.

Demo users

These accounts are available for your tests. Or you create your own test user in the login form of each demo, if the following don’t work:

Username Password API Password Role Description
john_user kitten api_kitten User  
chris_user kitten api_kitten User deactivated
tony_teamlead kitten api_kitten Teamlead  
anna_admin kitten api_kitten Administrator  
susan_super kitten api_kitten Super-Administrator  
admin password - Super-Administrator no records