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01 Aug 2023
Cloudrizon GmbH

Kimai Mobile for iOS was launched by Cloudrizon GmbH: a game-changing time tracking application

The new iOS application

Cloudrizon GmbH is excited to announce that Kimai Mobile is now available for the first time in the Apple Store. Kimai Mobile is a time tracking application that seamlessly integrates with Kimai Time Tracker Server. The App offers users the convenience of managing multiple workspaces simultaneously, enabling efficient time logging for various projects and clients. All time tracking data is securely saved on the self-hosted Kimai Server, ensuring data privacy and accessibility.

Seamless connectivity and versatile accessibility

Kimai Mobile customers highly value the software’s effortless integration with their existing Kimai Backend Server. Setting up the application becomes a breeze with API password login, providing users with quick access to their time tracking data. Moreover, the availability of Kimai Mobile on both PlayStore and AppStore caters to a diverse user base, accommodating different device preferences seamlessly.

Regulatory compliance and reliable time tracking

The software’s legal compliance feature is particularly valuable for businesses that require accurate recording of employees’ working hours. Kimai Mobile offers a reliable time tracking system that ensures effortless and precise tracking of work hours, meeting all legal requirements and saving valuable time for businesses.

User-friendly interface and data security

Kimai Mobile’s intuitive interface enables smooth navigation and efficient task management without compromising on functionality.

Data safety is prioritized through the implementation of the Server Client Architecture, ensuring that all data is securely stored on the central data server, granting users easy access and peace of mind.

Continuous improvement and future features

Since its launch, Kimai Mobile has already received several updates, including the introduction of offline mode, dark mode, and additional language options. Cloudrizon GmbH remains dedicated to improving the application by adding new features and enhancing its overall stability, delivering an ever evolving and exceptional user experience. Stay informed about upcoming features by checking the website.

Kimai Mobile app screenshot

The perfect time management companion

Kimai Mobile is the ideal supplement to Kimai Time Tracker Server, especially for multi-project jobs. It empowers users to efficiently manage their time, offering ease, privacy, and value in effective time management.

About Cloudrizon GmbH

Founded in 2020, Cloudrizon GmbH is a German startup specializing in providing IT support for companies.

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