🎉 Public Beta of Kimai Cloud 🎉

01 Nov 2019
Kevin Papst

Wow! It is a great pleasure for me to announce today:

The Kimai cloud is entering its public beta phase

Now it’s done: about 8 months after the first idea and 6 months after the first tests the Kimai-Cloud can be presented to the public.

Everything free during the beta phase

As long as the beta phase is running, the test tariff will be extended free of charge and continuously. You can use it to test all functions in detail and at no cost. I’m looking forward to your feedback to further enhance the functionality of the cloud and especially Kimai.

More users?

If you are satisfied with Kimai and want to use it productively with more users, please contact support.

We will contact you to discuss the details.

Planned Roadmap

  • November 2019: Activation of the public beta phase
  • December 2019: Continuous improvements of Cloud functionality
  • January 2020: Cloud update to the latest Kimai version
  • February 2020: Activation of chargeable plans
  • March 2020: Start of first billing period
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