Deactivated Kimai Forum

Version 1
31 Jul 2016
Kevin Papst

With the current day I deactivated the Kimai Forum, as announced month ago on the forum itself. The subdomain still exists, but everything redirects now to the Kimai issue tracker.

This is part of the ongoing process to move everything related to Kimai over to GitHub. If one of our readers has an idea how to host the demo page in a cloud environment, we’d like to read your comment!

And sorry for the last regular user, who were talking in the forums! But we had daily spam and hack attempts, which are the unfortunate business of forum administrators. I was tired of caring about that stuff, instead of using my spare time for Kimai itself…

I hope not many of you are troubled by that change - please come over to GitHub and use the issue tracker to discuss any of your ideas, problems and such.

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